The Band

Journey through this fun, intoxicating and sincere montage of trans-European roots music with upbeat guitar, finessed cello, dixie-esque clarinet, stomping drums, souring violin, heartfelt tin whistle, 3-part harmonies, jazz maracas and more…

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The band was conceived by Spéis Maloney late one night in a cafe in Barcelona. The idea: what would happen if you took the intoxicating swing and feel of hot jazz, added storytelling songs inspired by English & Celtic folk, and throw in a pinch of bluesy roots..?

At least a decade went past until Spéis finally went in search of the musicians to continue his experiment; Greg (drums) was briefly but fortunately between bands, and Laura (clarinet, organ, melodica & tin whistle) was drafted in late one day to rescue a gig, a player short. And when stars align, Spéis will be joined by these fabulous players: Samantha ‘SVN’ Norman (fiddle), Emma ‘El Capo’ Capp (cello), Mat ‘The Heighwayman’ (bass), Adam ‘Adman’ Cross (everything else). They all met in the bards own country, Stratford-upon-Avon, a cocktail of dyed-in-the-wool touring musos, classically trained instrumentalists and a celebrated illustrator. Scratchy Beard are found performing at venues and festivals across the country.